Date life June 16, 2019 “Scratching”

I had a few girlfriends growing up and until my adult life. Living in a certain fashion, makes it a harder story to tell. You may have to do your homework to see what was real or not, and like many other men I thought ahead. I had real crushes with some that were out […]

MarketWatch &Twitch

I am getting ready to stream soon in about 30 mins to an hour. You can join me If you are interested in going me on kewlbeer’ send a message. Also this is a website I use from time to time, I hate to share but this may become some people’s favorite website. […]


Also I know it is someone somewhere who wants to help me stop somebody’s heritage. I know whoever that person is they will be filed with vengeful ignorance and spiteful motives. It sounds odd when I say just what a lot of people have done to me. How bad can it be to strip someone […]