Thursday 10 21 2021

T.G.I.F 10 14 2021

After things settle down due to A**hole mania a craze that has just barely enough energy to sustain itself I want to thank all the dumb a**es out there who give people the motivation to do dumb s*it. Here is to another year of F**kery and bull crap that outsiders and pretenders hide themselves in. …

Wednesday the action mash up mix with mighty and or mediocre somethings that could be mentioned but may not have been mentioned but are mentioned in this setting. Which in turns turns the action mash up mediocrity into super fantastic espeallowdocious makings but if espieallidocius was a real word then what would it be but it must mean something is fantastic since I am using it in the Wednesday action mash up. Which is pretty fantastic to me and some other people. People who I may or may not know That could be watching this sometimes 10 6 2021

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