School paper fin\ 580

America as a place for business David Vaughn Fin/580 Phoenix University George Karlvens 6 11 2021 America as a place for business I am in the process of starting a business function. A Process that I may have well stated with an exclamation point at the end of the sentence for the instructor and any …

Thursday 5 27 2021

I feel like if this chick is really rockin’ an Eye patch it might be worth throwing it on Kewlbeer’d. Some of ya’ll know the saying or what they say about chicks with eye patches. Oh that chick must have only one eye.

Saturday night is once again the time for entertainment, but then you got to ask yourself why is it not intertainment. almost like internet. even if you look at it like internet is not a place but people say they are “on the internet”. So the question is can I be inside of what ever I find entertaining. See Enter. F*** it Here is Saturdays collection. 5 22 2021

Speaker Broadcast 5 18 2021

As a part of the program get broadcast from different sources. Currently I am getting ready to watch President Barrak Obama I could not post it. Thanks to Mr. Bill Gates hope all is well. As members you may want to check and see what else is available thanks and good luck. Deca For Canada! …

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