Take a Saturday night Shiznit 5 27 2023

https://youtu.be/BFJFQIAaKmo https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCOUyNpGu98-TIhg_UCc4S7m0rGPmHmDP https://youtu.be/yu_eXegPAWc https://youtu.be/pFZENSNCAZ0

Snoop but one day it may be different but it will still be an involvement with him in the concept but may be different for a lot of reasons not just Marketing but stuff though but still while I can it is there but it just may not be all him Tuesday 5 23 2023

https://youtu.be/0om6iQdkQw4 https://youtu.be/_TZ1GaT4o3A https://youtu.be/eGaHa58ShsA Kathy Griffin is Sexy

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