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Right now this is just the beginning but you have to start from some where. If you are into B2B B2C sales you can get in contact with me via email or the contact page here on Kewlbeer’d.

The Software are for the most part produced by Microsoft. So if you are interested don’t hesisitate to get in contact.

This is a testimonial of satisfied Microsoft Customers.

Here is a link to shop there yourself tell them Kewlbeer’d sent you Or just shop with me I got Controllers in the Azohan/Kewlbeer’d shop and access to some software. Just use the contact page on Kewbeer’d or to find out more.

the link

More to come in the way it is listed so be aware of changes but in the near future I will have more information listed on Kewlbeer’d.

So to reiterate just use the contact page to discuss your needs and I will try to provide the right type of source or connection.

After some time I am still catching up with the changes coming to the platform.

To better be able to address your needs I hope that potential clients will reach out to me. If you do this me and my account management team will be able to find the right kind of fit for your company or organization.

To make some of this simpler for us all I will begin placing some of the product listings and offers here on Kewlbeer’d. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

* Also keep in mind that these prices have not been listed by me for you to keep in mind about getting you involved in Cloud solutions and the troubleshooting network

  • additional outlook licence 2013 ( Recurring fees and setup fees), Description: Though retail license versions of Outlook do not include Exchange Server or Exchange Online, some can connect to Exchange to enable certain features.
  • adsync 2013 user (as2013ru) ( Recurring fees and setup fees) Description: The genuine AdSync.exe file is a software component of A360 Desktop by Autodesk.
    A360 Desktop is a cloud service for viewing and synchronizing Autodesk projects over a network of connected devices. AdSync.exe runs a synchronization tool that uploads and downloads data to and from the cloud to keep Autodesk projects in sync. This program may be safely removed if not required.

    A360 Desktop is a cross-platform tool that is meant as an enhancement for Autodesk products. The program features the ability to view Autodesk, Solidworks, CATIA, Pro-E, Rhino and NX file formats; design file metadata and organize files; share files using email, chat or embedded website links; review and receive feedback on designs.

    Autodesk, founded in 1982, designs and develops computer aided design (CAD) software. The company is well known for AutoCAD, a line of CAD and drafting products. Autodesk software is currently used by hundred architectural, construction, engineering, manufacturing, media, and entertainment firms around the world, making it one of the most popular choices of CAD software today and generating over $2 billion in annual revenue for Autodesk. The company is headquartered in San Rafael, California, USA
    . Referenced by
  • compliant archiving user ( Recurring fees and setup fees)
  • data leak prevention (dlp) user (Recurring fees and setup fees)
  • in-house archiving 2013 user  (Recurring fees and setup fees)

* More listings to come but if you want to find out more just use the contact page here or maybe even the Azohan store.

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