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A long time coming, but still not quite what I want but still. Some day there will be charts and graphs or something but here it is clips brought to you from the finance sector or industry.

Many times over this may happen to some of us: The story is this, we will get or see a good opportunity and chance but be just a bit behind in how quickly we react.

Well in this scenario time will if we can look and see the reaction times of us the consumers and businesses. How will I and us along with Kewlbeer’d be able to see how we react by being able to look back at some footage and look over interesting articles. Some may even be written by myself David Vaughn.

So now it is time to start working on Kewlbeer’d and one of it’s bread and butters.

My bad for any late admissions

T.D Ameritrade

I want to avoid some comparisons because I am hoping to build some relationships with these companies and will have to wait to see how things work out. I DID NOT get a chance to view this video and can’t display my own opinion. However my opinion is this

I am big on loyalty so if I do begin working with a particular company in a particular fashion I may veer to one side and kind of stick there but for now here it is

Is the federal tax decision a big deal? For many consumers it may not be but for those in business it may be a considerable decision breaker. How? well in my opinion inflation on the way there money is being cut which may in turn effect overall prices.

So in what sectors?

The footage here may give a greater example.

I still got plans to do some papers on the Dow and the Nasdaq. Better yet I say that I still have plans on doing some business writing but I did not want my writing to be unfounded and opinionated in this subject. Even though at times it may be but hopefully anybody who enjoys what I write or any subsequent readers may be able to tell the difference. For now some of these videos will have to suffice

Yahoo Nasdaq

In this scenario before I look at this. My crystal ball says this is a simple case of Dilution. Which for many may have been a long time coming, why with the slowdown of all of the markets and the glowing responses Mr. Elon Musk received it was only a matter of time that the revenue he would reap and the over effectiveness of the market would collide.

What I expect is for the company to go private in the near future and possibly refinance the company to better see the market and its volitality. A word I misspelled but never mind that.

I this clip see what some analyst feel about the subject.


I am a fan of Mr. Elon Musk so I hope he makes out

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