Wednesday 2 8 2023 lets see what it is

Sunday morning with a paper from David Vaughn in the school of Doctoral studies 2 5 2023

Hung, K., Tse, D. K., & Chan, T. H. (2022). E-Commerce Influencers in China: Dual-Route   Model on Likes, Shares, and Sales. Journal of Advertising, 51(4), 486–501.  This article discusses the effectiveness and quality use of influencer marketing. Describing in theory that the use of effective influencers in connection to certain media properties can increase customer …

T.G.i.F 2 3 2023 Finance is the first link. But help I am under attack he says with a blank face. Oh no these people have once again objectified my life and see my potential and goals as their only way. No worries though because you and I both know it will be enabling that saves you. T.G.I.F

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