Action packed Thursday 4 14 2021

School paper 4 3 2021

I could probably do better but hey this is what I got. Right now my brain is on fire but in a good way, this is one of those things looking back I will wonder if I really know like alot of what I do right now Putting it all together: Audit planning  David Vaughn  …

Thursday night Action 4 1 2021

I just joined Raptor I also have began the Azohan or for now kewlbeer' Check out in the near future for additional s**t! Virtual death match

School paper

In my off time I may get a chance to write another story for pop culture or horror stuff. One day I may get a chance to publish something until I just do this. This is a paper I just turned in for College Understanding the responsibilities and Code of Conduct for the auditor  David …

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