In living Sundays 2 14 2021

What is Saturday without a little more stuff to do that you like, Even of it is not the first or second thing you want maybe it could be something like maybe the thing you wanted to do the least but may still enjoy. Like going to some dudes website or looking at somebodies pictures they have somewhere. Like hey dude or strange person I have these pictures I want you to look at, but only you really don’t call them strange person out loud Saturdays 2 13 2021 Thanks Raptor for being a good sport

Action paced Thursdays if Thursday had a pace that was filled to the brim and then you decided to walk which may happen sometimes if you have been running but may start to run then decide to walk Thursday 2 11 2021

Airbnb Case study 2 8 2021

Case 2: Air BNB  David Vaughn   Phoenix University  Claude Toland  STR/581  2/9/2021  Case 2: Air BNB  After Airbnb's initial opening the industry in which it resided in had to prepare for the new entrant. This is the common case or scenario for most firms that operate in productive or crowded markets. In this situation Airbnb …

T.G.I.F is intersting because no one ever thinks those letters could represent anything else, like why is it not Thursday is good F. But then it’s like what does the F stand for and so on and so forth so I guess it is good that T.G.I.F is for Friday I guess 2 5 2021 or like who thought that up anyway but yea here is Friday 2 5 2021

Games quest Wednesday may not always be on Wednesday but because it happens on Monday for the time being I decided to Call this day like any other day Games quest Wednesday 2 3 2021

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