Tuesday morning 11 29 2022

https://youtu.be/ZbB_0F1YEmM https://youtu.be/UlXas5lRlxQ https://youtu.be/vzQaMx_1zMs

Zycadelic By David Vaughn 11 20 2022

" This is probably not my best work but I wanted to give this one a try" David Vaughn A bunch of nervous thoughts that I had never thought on before. With every minute and second feeling like I would either piss on myself or that my thoughts would come pouring out of my head …

Saturday night fun but everyday is not fun as history has or will hold. But if this Saturday is or was not fun then it would be just Saturday but of course odds are that yeah for somebody possibly even you it is a fun Saturday which is night time this present moment for some people. But so instead this will or could be Saturday Night fun for some or most or no people at all 11 19 2022

https://youtu.be/BFJFQIAaKmo https://youtu.be/Ymn7vT3BeWE https://youtu.be/1vojw8AMZLE

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