Wednesday the action mash up mix with mighty and or mediocre somethings that could be mentioned but may not have been mentioned but are mentioned in this setting. Which in turns turns the action mash up mediocrity into super fantastic espeallowdocious makings but if espieallidocius was a real word then what would it be but it must mean something is fantastic since I am using it in the Wednesday action mash up. Which is pretty fantastic to me and some other people. People who I may or may not know That could be watching this sometimes 10 6 2021

Game quest Monday 10 4 2021

Still trying to adjust but things will begin to settle for me soon and will be business as usual.Thank you for the support stay up and stay blessed.

ggn Snoop 9 21 2021

I have scheduled maintenance coming up for the radio station. So it will be off for a couple of hours September 22 23.thanks for checking it out once I get settled again things will pick uup again. Be blessed and thank you.

It’s Saturday night and the moon is bright? But really, the original song says it’s Friday night and the moon is bright. Which obviously means the moon is present but think, this song could not have been written ahead of time could it? But if it was does that mean that there are no clouds in the sky when that day comes? If there are clouds will them or any person still have a bright mood? But Can your mood be bright possibly? So could those words be instead “any night if the moon may be bright” Or my mood may be bright It’s Saturday night” (melodiously sang) Saturday 9 4 2021

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