Kewlbeer’d and Streaming Oct 15, 2019

I just reached a new platform and have to add it to my website, I have for Fanbaseradio but not for this one. Besides the usual nothing much is happening so if your interested join me on my channel I got more plans for the radio station and I have more stories to write. [...]


Kewlbeer’d publishing

I was hoping to get published during my life. I would assume that many people would have the same aspirations. What I also find amazing is that people who look for acceptance from others or their validation they would also oppress and exclude. I have lost more respect from the none that I had for [...]

Development of Money: kewlbeer’d October 10, 2019

After the plans for a expansion have changed I look forward To the changes. I will still do an expansuon , but the choice was either go through a upgrade and expand or get the PlayStation 5/ T o do this I have to save now. How many of us have foregone a business decision [...]

Development of money: kewlbeer’d Oct 8, 2019

I got plans coming up later and it will be along the lines of what I do during the day. Somewhere in there I may put together another design for my store. Thanks for whoever sent it, I am getting ready to go back to class in another couple of weeks. So my time is [...]

Development of money: kewlbeer’d Oct 7, 2019

https;// Hopefully that works. Check out more on kewlbeer'd and Try out Fanbaseradio. The sweatshirts are for sale and if you want another color send a message. and kewlbeer'd, I hope to pick up some people who are interested in Marketing and advertising.

Keeping it kewlbeer’d

I have an online store now. It is attached to my twitch channel, Thanks to twitch and a bit from Pandora. I have my own internet radio station that I am still working on. I kewlbeer'd is set for expansion, so I just wanted to say some stuff is working similar to the plan. Thanks [...]

Chronicles of Day man part duex Oct 4, 2019

Day man ah-ha! 🎶 Master of karate and friendship for every one!, An-ha 🎶 champion light ah-ha! 🎶Day man ah-ha 🎶 I created a name that I won't use this minute. For fear of being imitated, I was thinking of how crazy it is that the computer used cookies. I find it terrifying that at [...]

Chronicles of Day man Oct 4, 2019

Champion of right ah-ha 🎶 champion of light ah-ha 🎶. He's the Master of friendship for everyone 🎶 Day man ah-ha! 🎶 While you and your kids are acting like Day man I wAnt you to think about what you do. I call some of these guys Day man or Sun demons. This was initially [...]

So-ul caliber

"The devil is a lie and some of the most honest things about the interactions and discussions with the sort may be your fate being sealed. The situation this character finds himself in may depict that and, yes it may be satirical " If you ever heard of the man who sold his soul to [...]

Zombie ad libs

Have you ever noticed the fearless way the zombie interactions can be? When people willingly take them on, ( I would too). The point being is that the notes look like the hurt and I was only saying that their teeth are not filed with novacaine. Being eaten alive may be terrible. I prefer to [...]

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