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Looking at phrases being said as” One mans treasure is another mans gold” feels like a saying that can be applied to almost any thing. I disagree however most trash is trash or they would have kept it. Before I lose my point The debate is this .

Not only don’t we always have time to play every excellent title but are some titles as good as we expect them to be.

This is actually much more of a dual and multi-sided question. So with this brief review I will touch one or two points that I can simply bring to mind.

Hi my screen name is Balmiercrowd947 and I played Thymesia.
Interestingly enough I have yet to purchase Strangers of Paradise by Capcom. Many may ask but why balimercrowd947? Why have you not purchased it? Simple, the timing and lack of time. I want to be able to play the game and enjoy it and after putting in over 200 hours with Elden ring and realizing that the game was to easy I began my addiction to Destiny. Which began as some promotional weekend. A weekend that soon turned to almost $100 dollars worth of add-ons and I think Pizza or my Bomb A** chili. In any case I became to distracted to play what I expect to be a fantastic game so says all of the critics and partly myself based on playing the demo.

(I have since played the game and was hugely delighted and disappointed. Which also says I did not listen to other critics)

So where does that take this, did I digress from my original thesis. That I played Tymesia? Not quite, Tymesia is a game that many may not play based on all the same reasons that I did not get a chance to play Strangers of paradise. A reason that states gamer’s are very unsure of quality of games or unaware of them totally. What is Just as true is that many games seem to either lack true difference or depth. Games that are touted and “Marketed” as the best but soon lose the flavor. Or another reality is one that states that games are usually as good as you would expect them to be. Exceptions being games such as Assassins Creed A game series that is extremely overrated and terrible.
Which means there are almost no Diamonds in the rough. Almost no title that goes unheard of and takes off into the night sky. Except 1. Remenent from the ashes 2. Rage, 3. Elex 4. a short list of a few others and now maybe 5. Thymesia and possibly Dolmen. (Dolmen now is just as awfully good as you would expect. Terrible enough to play and not want to play but decent enough to show promise and never purchase)
So if you got the extra time and money try them out I’m not saying quit your job and game on but at least Thymesia may be worth playing. Dolmen a good game but lacks certain mainstream aesthetics could be another elex-esque type of game. 
Thanks for reading

Elden Ring Elden ring Elden ring,and Elden ring… A deafening thud crashing through my mind as addiction of years past have somewhat waned and this new drug has risen. But wait Will I miss the real vein of the article. Will I be able to catch the essence of How a game like Elden Ring can be so addictive without offering any real gameplay. While sticking to the familiar die repeat formula that has us all chasing runes and trying to farm them. While complaining about the stiff controls

The point is this the concept that all games have used. A formula that makes sense to gamers. Provide something to try and obtain with little to risk other than time. Simple huh? But what of the independent titles that have turned up the like Elex. A complete darkhorse that has now really in my mind solidified itsself as a proverbial cult classic.

So like I said I decided to spend an exceedingly small amount of time playing one or few of the independent titles. To see if any other games would be interesting to play.
I mentioned this in the previous updates and like I said it was a struggle to balance this in a busy schedule and wanting to stave off my addictions to Elden ring.

With apart of my time being spent in reminiscent. Meaning that I thought on what independent titles could do to be really accepted if that was what they wanted.

I figured it out in this formula. Timelessness, a term that could be attached to games like Streets of Rage or now a Elex.

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