Kewlbeer’d and Streaming Oct 15, 2019

I just reached a new platform and have to add it to my website, I have for Fanbaseradio but not for this one. Besides the usual nothing much is happening so if your interested join me on my channel I got more plans for the radio station and I have more stories to write. […]

Development of Money: kewlbeer’d October 10, 2019

After the plans for a expansion have changed I look forward To the changes. I will still do an expansuon , but the choice was either go through a upgrade and expand or get the PlayStation 5/ T o do this I have to save now. How many of us have foregone a business decision […]

Development of money: kewlbeer’d Oct 7, 2019

https;// Hopefully that works. Check out more on kewlbeer’d and Try out Fanbaseradio. The sweatshirts are for sale and if you want another color send a message. and kewlbeer’d, I hope to pick up some people who are interested in Marketing and advertising.

Chronicles of Day man part duex Oct 4, 2019

Day man ah-ha! 🎶 Master of karate and friendship for every one!, An-ha 🎶 champion light ah-ha! 🎶Day man ah-ha 🎶 I created a name that I won’t use this minute. For fear of being imitated, I was thinking of how crazy it is that the computer used cookies. I find it terrifying that at […]

Chronicles of Day man Oct 4, 2019

Champion of right ah-ha 🎶 champion of light ah-ha 🎶. He’s the Master of friendship for everyone 🎶 Day man ah-ha! 🎶 While you and your kids are acting like Day man I wAnt you to think about what you do. I call some of these guys Day man or Sun demons. This was initially […]