Action packed Thursday 5 13 2021

Sunday night wholesome television 5 9 2021 for some reason it will not play in my browser I do hope it plays in yours.

Re: Village

I switched it to standard. I hate having to adjust my game difficulty I usually try to sweat it out. I wanted to see the differences in how the game played between the settings. For more of the information you can just check out the stream. I plan on placing the same video and a …

So much action it would blow your mind. Even if you did not think that it could happen that way it might just knock your socks off but however would you rather have your mind blown or your socks knocked off but that is a discussion for another day Thursday 5 6 2021

Game quest on Monday 5 3 2021

Thanks to all the supporters I still got more work to do with the station and the website. I will try to get everything caught to get more variety. I got more changes coming to kewlbeer’d and Fanbaseradio check out Azohan and if you can’t just find it on the internet check in my profile. …

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