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September 30, 2019

I want to become a publisher of short stories and have made that one of my goals. Until then check out the stream on twitch You can read some of my stories in kewlbeer’d and leave a comment. Anyone interested in advertising let me know. Try fanbaseradio


If the legends were true then being immortal may be a curse. Depending upon how you came to receive this “gift” my story begins here. Understanding very little about the opportunities of immigrants and lesss about the tropics makes the feel of want and depression that much greater. Having little insight about what makes money …

Mandriscoe vs. Trial & Error : I am not Mandriscoe

Being here and being who I am amazed no one. Having a serious upside or a life of tremendous short comings is calculated in my every step. I mentioned once about my questionable historic background and will again here. My parents are biblical and the questions of who they are may be erased due to …

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