Fanbaseradio & kewlbeer’d

Sorry for the delay on somethings, especially when the music is not up to par. kewlbeer’d is still coming up and I am trying to find exactly what Azohan will be, and for those that did not know it will be what I hope to turn into a gaming website. So stay tuned to kewlbeer’d […]

Jesus Christ ” Super Star “

When you think of the superficial and shallow nature of people you get the title. One of things that is hilarious is not just the sacrilege but the blasphemous attitude of the so called ” believers “. If Jesus did not have a car or a fat enough check book or maybe Slam a basketball […]

The development of money: Time & Radio

It takes sometime to do the station. I plan on being more consistent in the near future. If people like it they should tune in. I have to be right next to a computer and it is me doing the song selection and it can be surprisingly tiresome. I am getting ready to start playing […]