Development of Money: kewlbeer’d Nov 14, 2019

Trying to find the time and balance to get more stuff on this website. If you get a chance step in to the other side and send a comment. It works if you just visit the chat room too. I am going to restructure kewlbeer’d a little more so stay tuned. Thanks for visiting and […]


Bell computer forecast company week 3 David Vaughn Qnt/561 Heidi Clark 11/12/2019 Bell computer forecast company week 3             The assignment is to look over two separate cases using the excel spreadsheet. I am to then take and interpret the data to identify and discuss the decisions based on the statistics within. One case will […]

Development of Money: kewlbeer’d Nov 8 2019

Happy birthday to my Mother! Her birthday will be upon me in a few days Nov 10, 2019. I told her and people she was related to and associated with to not being themselves near me if they knew what was good for them. In other words kewlbeer’d was always good to them so stay […]

Development of Money: kewlbeer’d Nov 3, 2019

I am still in the upgrade process, and trying to do it with out upgrading my money makes it a bit harder. I felt like I had closed the gap some and after a few business expenses I watched it turn into the grand canyon. Really it is not that bad but after many months […]

My hero Acadamia

I am a fan of Dragon ball z, I really do not get to much into the recent episodes but I am still a big fan of the series. I wanted to run this for a second to see how people would take to it.

Saw 2 I was not sure about it the first time but if it went well I got the sequels and a few more coming up shortly. Brought to you by kewlbeer’d and fanbaseradio Thanks for watching I plan on changing the screen size once I see how this goes.