Join the stream July 3, 2019

After a quick entry and exit from radio broadcasting, I have returned. I need to learn how to operate my website more and manage the systems. So I had to cancel kewlbeer’d radio. Anyone interested in joining kewlbeer’d send a comment. Until then check this

Join the stream June 28, 2019

I am happy to say that I may be adding a internet radio, so if you enjoyed https://kewlbeer' so far consider trying the station coming soon. Also try using us for Marketing, just follow https://kewlbeer' and leave a comment. Until then try joining the stream using twitch use the link and enjoy.

Date life June 16, 2019 “Scratching”

I had a few girlfriends growing up and until my adult life. Living in a certain fashion, makes it a harder story to tell. You may have to do your homework to see what was real or not, and like many other men I thought ahead. I had real crushes with some that were out …

Date life

Having the good sense to not always touch may leave me scoreless. Remembering not to mention stuff like score of “bone” helps. For example, any person can say I remember all those people I “boned”. So during my dating life I keep it private. Even if I feel that way like many of you may, …

Stream June 16,2019

While I make this bomb A%% chili enjoy the stream. Click this link https://kewlbeer' them enjoy me on twitch. Use this link to reach my channel.

My burning stream

Guess what?! I got it, yes. It is time again for another hot burning stream. I only just recently heard of club media and may look to find out more and who knows you may be the one who has it. So if you do join me in https://kewlbeer' them just click this link

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