Another T.G.i.F 7 2 2021 cannabils Mad tv intro

GGN Snoop 4 20 2021

I did not want to seem cliched and do ab bunch of footage on getting high. Even though this show from time to time has done that very same thing. “Big ups to Snoop” besides who am I to judge the cliches of the world. The at times necessary and oft said or redundant things …

Action packed Thursday because that is what people asked for and so that is what they will get I tell you what! He yelled or more liked typed but it was still silent in his mind but in which he may have smiled. But I ought to know because I am him and yes I am the one who brings you Action Packed Thursday I think again but only this time to announce the date 3 11 2021 Anger of the dead swindle

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