Game quest on Monday 11 23 2021

GGN Snoop 11 2 2021 This one will be on Xbox soon I may have the same video on Azohan at some point

T.G.I.F 10 14 2021

After things settle down due to A**hole mania a craze that has just barely enough energy to sustain itself I want to thank all the dumb a**es out there who give people the motivation to do dumb s*it. Here is to another year of F**kery and bull crap that outsiders and pretenders hide themselves in. …

It’s Thursday and I am back in action, but who is to say that I or any one else ever left action. But who is anybody other than you that is in action, which is a question someone may ask somebody when they are light headed. Then again can anyone really be lightheaded? I mean if I am lightheaded was my head heavy before? So would I be a heavy headed man in action? 8 19 2021

Snoop 8 16 2021 Unfortunately I am nearing the end of some of the footage I got on Snoop. I will try to keep this stuff up, it over yet. Snoop take care and thanks for the support.

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