Vampire Aug 17, 2019

Procurement that was the answer that he gave. With her listening on the wind she faintly heard the words “drug dealer”, but here she is standing not far from him and clearly hears him shout “Procurement”. Unless it is a new drug then she can now understand how he has traveled this far.

He has yet to notice her but seems intimately aware of his surroundings. He is not oafish but seems odd in some places. He is not loud but seems to carry a noise in his steps.

I just wanted a “Henessy” the bartender is saying she can’t hear him. His frustration sets in and he is forced to repeat it.

I leave the bartender a tip. With my double of “Henessy” dry. I take a long look at how much a drink like this may cost. It was a time when I was drinking this would amaze me. The difference in prices that is, at this point my focus is on the guy I am having a discussion with. My focus is snapped to when he ask what I do for a living, “Procurement” .

She is far enough to here some of what he says and picks up enough to see that he is not a homosexual. His drinking buddy laughs at something he points out. He turns in her direction stares at her for awhile. He lets a face pass over his features and she turns away.

“She has urged the drinking buddy to walk away”

After laughing the guy suddenly departs and David is left staring in awe of how quickly the conversation has ended. As David turns to look at the women he noticed he can no longer see her. He turns back to the bar alone in the middle/end of the 1981 Summer.

He is heard laughing in the distance.

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