Mr. Sexy By David Vaughn

The day breeze and golden rays playing upon his tresses. Much applause to his shape and cheerful demeanor. I watch, so funny Mr. Sexy what beautiful shoes you have. Mr. Sexy how wonderful it is to hear you speak again. Do they enjoy the conversation? Is that genuine laughter playing across their faces? I wonder? …

T.G.i.F 2 3 2023 Finance is the first link. But help I am under attack he says with a blank face. Oh no these people have once again objectified my life and see my potential and goals as their only way. No worries though because you and I both know it will be enabling that saves you. T.G.I.F

Thursday night and why are capital letters called capital letters. So if I have a why is it ahh but I it is A then it is A? But what about c if see is c what is see or any other c or see sounding letter. Let alone C! Thursday 6 9 22

Sunday night wholesome television 5 9 2021 for some reason it will not play in my browser I do hope it plays in yours.

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