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I will write some more stories and try to separate them from the digital content. My bad if I can not, Thank you for all the support.

Using ethics as a template for what due care could represent for an auditor. I would say the need and fair appraisal of a clients financial statements are exemplary to what a qualified opinion would mean. Having been through an audit before I can say that at times a auditor or the term being audited can lead to dismay. Not only did it seem the auditor could do no wrong I did not know what brought it on. From doing my report I chose to discuss in the audit plan or performing the audit Sums of many when discussing the sizes of companies. In my case when looking for the sources of said funds it should be easy to see where it is coming from. Which for some could be a problem and lead to misstatements or judgement errors. Some may even say that they did not choose a sample size or tolerance level within acceptable ranges.So, having seen what it is like to have to endure an audit. It makes sense that much of the industry could be lacking in ethical standards. Which is representable in cases like Pricewaterhousecoopers. A case that shows negligence and possible reporting errors. that could be due in fact to self interest rules. One of the five major threats to an auditor. 

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