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“The devil is a lie and some of the most honest things about the interactions and discussions with the sort may be your fate being sealed. The situation this character finds himself in may depict that and, yes it may be satirical “

If you ever heard of the man who sold his soul to play music. It would not be difficult to imagine the concept. For any person to aspire to be something at the cost of their own life eternal or not is worthwhile isn’t it. They ask, ” is it delusional to be great?” Great, like a legend or great like Billy the kid. They say how delusional is it to be idolized and feared

To be remembered for any thing with your name being cemented in the minds of any who knew the tales. So, that is how the story should be. How great a shot it was or they hadn’t seen shooting like that since one of those westerns! That is what this legend would be and the cost was a good one. A fair trade in some respects. Say for something you can’t see or touch. In exchange for a object that will become whatever I need to make a legend.

Looking at it at first, the weird smell and even the faint whispers. Did not distract any thoughts. The glint even through the rust was amazing, and all it cost was a piece of paper. That’s it not even with a name on it. They said He said he would remember they met. Funny because the name and face vanishes from the mind, they really can not say how the conversation started. The legend for this generation is what ” Will be remembered” count on that s%&$.

The deaths were not planned and nor was there escape, but how good would it be if these types only got caught. What kind of legend goes that quick. They count and don’t say rather it is one of a dozen. Only a few may go down with this kind of legacy and they say they have “deadly aim” not too many misses. Managed to kill one them with a warning shot. Legend, running never made the paper for those types. The legend will say not since the ok corral. Have they seem shootings like this.

The mass murderer huh, they say the killings won’t stop. We all may see that is a legend their speaking on and we should correct it as soon as possible. They’ll say that they may have evened killed a person over a drink, and who would for not speaking correctly. The years and deaths add up.

It’s getting harder to see and they say for sure that this killer may have been shot more than a dozen times. What we know is that the legend can’t only be a murderer. It’s getting harder to see that’s all. The legend won’t say that with aim like that they could not see. The got to be able to see because they won’t miss. Tears for fears, I guess.

Fade in and out with trembling hands and shallow breathing…. A murderer, naw we know that the real story is that we all been speaking on a legend. Deaths included, now they just wished it would stop.

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