Reservoir dogs

Right now I am watching the movie, and rather the ending was predictable however many years ago is unknown to me. Jokingly I say that I discovered this movie while Hoping to stumble into mislabeled porn. A video that may have been hidden in plain sight but instead I found a very popular movie that I was not prepared to watch at that age. Is that odd?

The point of this is for me to discuss some economic terms. Right now while listening and watching ” stuck in the middle with you”. Besides that I wanted to talk about scarcity of choice. Deciding on rather my decision now reflects my demand for porn or am I settling for the next best thing like a Opportunity cost decision. Meaning because of my lack of better programming did my decision become a settlement for another option (Resevoir dogs) a good movie albeit, but what is my sacrifice?

This is not quite how I would describe economics but how many times in society have we decided to go with the next best thing. Even though it has become a reflexive and natural option I await the times that I can choose porn or something comparable as in date or a good movie like a (reservoir dogs).

Scarcity of choice: this is what changes demand and forces us to make choices based on availability.

Opportunity cost: the cost of one item when you choose to forego another. Making the next best choice. May be seen as a sacrifice in some scenarios.

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