How to set up word problems

How to set up word problems

David Vaughn

Quantitative reasoning

Dr. Jerry


How to set up word problems

            I was doing some of the exercises and dong them I had some trouble being exactly sure of how to set the word problems. All and all I feel that the word problems will not pose to many problems, but I feel uncomfortable with the format of the class. I would like to see immediate responses to my questions. Partly due to me trying to not use a calculator. I would like to see the instructor give tips on how to conduct the problem all the way through.


            Doing some of the formula questions are a bother because of me not getting immediate responses. I also see that they are not too difficult, but I want to make sure I am doing the work correctly. I had a independent study class a few years back. During that time, I did not always attend the class I would study and do the work required and could meet with the instructor when needed either through the appointed time or when scheduled. I think that this format for this class will make the work more difficult than I want.

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