Current Knowledge

Current knowledge

David Vaughn

Quantitative reasoning

Dr. Jerry


Current knowledge

            At first glance I thought the perimeter of a triangle would be a problem for me. Long ago we were taught this; P= A+B+C fortunately I have seen this equation in recent years. What I almost did not catch was that the question asked me to solve for A. I then added B+C leaving A alone. I then subtracted B+C from both sides like this BC- P = A. I am not sure if that is the correct answer, but I think that may be the answer. I think that I can not place limits on the numbers, or the questions asked for me to solve the questions or at least be able to communicate what I did not understand.

Current Knowledge

            At this point I must hope that my skills can maintain and that I can master some of what we may review in this class. I want to do better so I hope that the coming weeks will not throw to big of a curve at me like that question almost did.


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