Bar graphs

Bar graphs

David Vaughn

Quantitative reasoning

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Bar graphs

            I found that more often than not making a bar chart using Microsoft word programs seems easier at times. Looking up or solving equations to place the numerical data in the corresponding areas seems easy. That is until you have to do it under constraints. I think when you have to be graded or be very specific and follow time job related task t can make the task a little more difficult. The presentation and having correct data in the required fields can make the job troublesome.

Used to represent data

            I can not think of a bar graph that has a representation of data on it’s own. I mean when you look at a pie chart you can count the slices to represent the specified question. Maybe not in all scenarios but possibly in some as simple as ¾ representing 75%. I do not think that there is a stand-alone bar graph that can represent 1/2 or 50%. Numbers are usually placed into the designated areas to define the given criteria. I may be wrong. This will make me have to think harder about the upcoming assignment. I probably would use a bar graph to represent increases and decreases in certain volumes.

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