When Should I use a pie chart or bar graph

When should I use a graph; line, pie chart, or Bar graph?

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Quantitative reasoning

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When should I use a graph; line, pie chart, or Bar graph?

            I was hoping that I would be better at doing word problems. It is an unfortunate short coming. I think that I may not struggle as much once the equations are complete because I am able to do some of them. I can not worry to much so, when I use a line chart, I want to point out the negative side of the number line which may be to the left of zero. I would use that number line to rate my happiness with word problems a negative two (-2). I am seeing a upside because I can do the math. So I would go to the right side of zero and rate it a seven (7) I rate it that low because I have room for improvement.

Pie Charts

            My total amount of success in algebraic proportions can be related to me being 80% satisfied with the overall situation. If this was represented graphically I would use the pie chart, and the majority of the sections would represent my satisfaction and happiness with my own work. The proportion part may look like this out of a possible 100%;  =  both equaling to 20% dissatisfied with my own work. This section of this post only goes to show how simple pie charts can be to represent graphical information.

Conclusion bar graphs

            Bar graphs may be very simple into you turn it into a word problem and the math become involved. I like math and this will be a struggle that may be due to the format I am in. I will enjoy getting answers correct and the excitement I feel connected to figuring out the work. “Confidence can sometimes be built upon connections”. Confidence in math can be helped with the right instructor.

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