questions about doing work

Questions about doing work?

David Vaughn

Quantitative reasoning

DR. Jerry


Questions about doing work?

            Some of these word problems can be difficult and I find it to be a problem because I am not on a regular campus. I have questions about how and when I should pose a question and think that because of the time it takes to do the work and study and get a response my schedule may be off. Question 1. P.167 g = (705) I wrote * = = 117.3 or 117.5 I was using my hand and not a calculator so my answers are not always perfect. I have other questions about this, where can I get help?

Not struggling too much

            At times some of these problems can be very easy to do. I do think that I may have a problem or two and may not be as confident as I should. I have a few more questions and want to be able to speak with someone. I know about inserting and checking but I want to be able to get a response when I ask a question.

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