When Should I use a graph

When should I use a graph?

David Vaughn

Quantitative reasoning

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When should I use a graph?

            I took a leadership assessment profile in a previous class. For this assessment a questionnaire was given and afterwards the corresponding areas were colored and numbered. This mix of numbers and coordination on the pie chart was supposed to define my strengths as a leader. That is one time that I had a pie chart used in my life. It fit for that type of situation based on how easy it was to identify the areas.

Pie Charts

            I used a pie chart to represent my findings for new hires or those looking for work. The information that I used was displayed on a chart that I created using one of the functions in the word on the computer. The information that I had was from a few different websites. I took the information and displayed it in a graph.


            The pie chart is another graph that we may have learned to use early on. I believe that we all have come to use this form of graph from time to time during our lives. One such time for me came in the scenarios in this post.

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