Types of graphs and when should I post a question?

Types of graphs and when should I post a question?

David Vaughn

Quantitative Reasoning/501

Dr. Jerry


Types of graphs and when should I post a question?

In my post earlier I stated the Microsoft access could display certain types of graphs. This is true, but I also want to admit that I am no expert in using the database materials. I find that the access and excel programs are very difficult to use for me. So I mentioned it I do not want to make other students feel intimidated. Which is a joke, the intimidation part. I am continuing my education here as a graduate student and hope to complete my degree within the next couple of years. My information is posted in the class roster.

Types of graphs and conclusion

            I am currently using a bar chart to track certain stats for my computer information. Further on down the line I use other information that may be graphicly displayed, at this point however the bar chart is the most efficient or relevant chart that I am using. I also wanted to add that I am a note taker and have done some studying. I wanted to ask Is the discussion area a good place to post questions? Also, I prefer for the teacher to respond to my post especially when in response to certain questions. I do not mind you reading them of course. I hope the instructor can respond to any of my queries.

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