When should I use each graph?

David Vaughn

Quantitative reasoning/501

Dr. Jerry


When should I use each graph?

 I remember that the very first graph that I was taught to use would be a number line and that was way back in the first grade. I am sure that the number line may be considered a line graph, but I can think of maybe another time that the line graph could be used. One such time can be associated with tools like Microsoft access or excel. Those types of charts can be called upon to represent the information. Another time a line graph may be used is for algebra a regular x and y chart may be considered a line graph.

Bar Graph

            After line graphs I think that a bar graph would be suitable for use when statistics are involved an empirical chart may use a bar graph. I also feel that the bar graphs are probably the most common and simplest charts to use. Bar graphs can be used to represent information in a wide variety of ways.

Conclusion Pie Charts

            Pie charts can be used to display proportions. A proportion may be simpler to use a ration or fraction but may also be displayed to represent the information for proportional values. In conclusion there are different ways to represent graphical information and each display should be able to represent the information clearly for the presenter or those studying. ffffff00000000

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