Out of control

            When any or certain people are in control there are those that look to be insubordinate. Their lack of maturity at times can become infectious and annoying for those that are meant to lead. Ambiguity as a leader is a management trait (Kinicki A, (2016)), this trait may be what is necessary as a communicator to be effective. I find myself surrounded by people with Nonsense on the brain. They hide behind the superficial nature that they have developed their delusions under. Think only what sounds good.

Office space

            I have been working on gaining a space in an office my entire life. I have earned my degree’s and will cap them off with a career, during this time I have watched people who gain from all I do. Cliché no longer, there seem to be future in your frontin. Parasites are a apart of work. So, as a leader being communicable and being decent in character helps. Your subordinates may learn to accept your leadership techniques.

I enjoyed the show office space. 000fffffffff

Published by David Vaughn

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