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Group theories on communication: Introduction

            During this assignment I thought that this was a group project. I only just learned that the main part of the assignment was to do an essay which is an individual assignment. During that time I spoke about communicating effectively and in a timely manner. What I mentioned as miscues in communication is what I experienced. I was left out at some points and did not see the team post and I also did not receive a quick response for my questions. At least I got one response I guess. So, for any group, effective communication is the delivery of a timely message and clear representation of the vision or team goals. In this paper I will discuss the things new hires should either know or try to relay to the employer. Also, the explanation of what should be communicated to you as an employee in a group or as a individual. Following in the next paragraph.

            For any new hire remember to understand what you have applied to do. I also posted during this week to find out what else your degree can do and asked where can it work. I have seen the limitations of being misinformed and the limitations of segregation and oppression. I have seen me work and not be credited for my work. So new hires make sure that you communicate your standards, and it is clear what you want out of a job. Communicating that I am grateful for a chance to work without desperation.

Job pools

            I looked over a website that had statistics about new hires. According to this website (Economy & guy, 2015) it says that, “on average every corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes” of the 4 to 6 called for an interview only 1 will be offered a job. This may or may not be true. I myself have had trouble finding the career opening that I want, but that does not mean there are no openings. I must keep in mind to find job openings it may take some time and upon finding this desired position that I want I must communicate effectively. This may be done in a lot of ways, I have to be able to communicate my needs and that I can grow into the position. The trouble in that is that employers need to take the job openings more seriously than it appears they do. This does not mean being ignorant or uptight, but more fluid and open minded to the possible candidates that are interviewed or called. Not always looking for the most experienced at some times.

What can my degree get me?

            I am looking at people that say that because they work they deserve $13.00 and hour. This may be without a degree. I have two currently and can not find a decent position. Am I communicating desperately enough? I find it odd that I said according to the (Ted: The economics daily, 2015) bureau of labor statistics my BBA alone could get me $50,000. It was odd because I placed one of the salaries in the desired pay. I did not get a response, so the question is where can we find and earn what we are worth or deserve without ridicule? Also what should be considered when I look for a job. I did some brief research and according to this website (Economy & guy, 2015) there were five things that are considered by job seekers before taking a job. They were listed from most important to least important. 1.) Salary and compensation, 2.) career growth opportunities, 3.) work and life habits, 4.) location/commute and, 5.) company culture and values. These are very important to consider and really are the only things that matter in a job search. Each individual person may rate these factors differently, but I doubt that they can say that these factors are not considered into their job search. When will we be able to communicate not just the need of opportunity but the that the employer can demonstrate the necessary tools to hire effectively.

Job search and organization, using job search engines do not always work but are decent tools when you have the time to filter through the openings. Trying to find a place that matches your career aspirations is important. Paying attention is a important part of communicating and with out the attention span to match the job it may lead to quick interviews that you may not be prepared for. I have been in this situation before, not seeing that sometimes I want to work part time and not full time for instance. Communicating my availability or where I travel from. A lot of people just want the interview and may just go sometimes the commute does not work.

Organization and communicating, a good tool to keep in mind is effective organization. When you can organize your daily activities, you can find that you simplify many of the encounters that you have. This is very important when dealing with a group. Thus, one major strategy in communicating is effective organization. One simple way to organize is to 1.) to take turns; this works well when many people are trying to speak. Make it clear that you want to take turns speaking. 2.) state what the problem is early on; when there is a problem or concern it makes it simpler to quickly try and find a solution. In some scenarios it may even make breaking a team down into groups easier. One last thing to keep in mid when looking to find a job and working in groups is 3.) The vision; You must see what you want from yourself and the employer. If you work for a non-profit money may not be the object. You must have to understand that, look for what you do gain prior to interviewing and communicate your goals and concerns, and as a non-profit employer state your mission and vision to the hopeful employee, while trying to communicate to their needs or goals.


            I want to be able to communicate for myself. I find trying to always speak to others damaging at times, knowing how to not coerce others while being assertive may be benefit me. I do not want to be ignorant just a strong speaker. In groups sometimes, it can bother some when a person seems way to aggressive when trying to lead others. I am not hoping to damage just communicate and get the work done.


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