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Why won’t my Youtube videos play and how do I switch to another provider I would like a refund?

Hi there! I will be glad to help with the YouTube video. Could you share where this is on your site?

Why won’t my Youtube videos play and how do I switch to another provider I would like a refund?

Could you link to where the video is on your site? I will be glad to help with that. I’m afraid it is no longer possible to issue a refund but if you would prefer to change to a new host rather than work on the video issue, I can also help with that.

I paid for my years in advance it is not time for the subscription to begin

No none of the videos play

Why won’t my videos play

`I want a refund for the time I have not yet spent

I want a refund

I cannot issue a refund but I will be glad to help with the video issue.

None of my videos play that is not the only one I believe you are cheating my website.



I am trying to find some examples on your site now to help work on the issue.

why do my videos not work,

Why do you need to use my site what


I am here. I am looking into the issue with videos not playing

How long will this take and for the record speaking with any of you has yet to solve any issues.

Why can I not have a refund


I can see those embedded YouTube videos on your latest post such as here:


and today what is the issue

You will see when you load the post itself that they do show as properly embedded videos: They do not show as embedded videos on the homepage itself as the homepage is showing a list of excerpts from your posts.

No when I try to put and embed now all of the videos say live play back is no longer available.

Could you share an example with a link to the location on your site?

Thanks. Taking a look at that now. I appreciate you sharing that example link.

yeah are blocking my website

I’ve opened the link you shared and the video seems to work fine. Let me share with you a screencast to see if we’re seeing the same.

no my videos still do not play.

what is wrong with my site?

Ok but what you expected is what appeared on my screencast?

It might be a local issue. Which browser do you use?


Can you attempt accesing the site using another browser or chromes incognito mode?

I’ve checked it up with some peers and from our side, the site and the videos seems to be loading fine.

My live videos will ot play

I had a chrome

Hi again! You seemed to disconnect for a bit.

Not sure if you received my last messages. Did you attempt accesing the site using another browser or chromes incognito mode?

No I believe that you are disabling my site.

You are not being honest about it so what else do you want me to ask so that you can lie about it.

I’m sorry that you feel this way, but in that case the videos wouldn’t have reproduced for me either.

My goal here is to help you out. That’s why I asked you if you could test your site using another browser or the incognito mode, to see where the issue is.

So my website is being broken from the inside now

this is how they expected to solve the problem

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