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The property and decisions: Scenario 1

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The property and decisions: Scenario 1

I have taken an interest in real estate in a different form. My prior understanding on the topic has expanded in a small but perspective changing manner. As a person who is really into finance and economics, the determination of how property should be handled commercially or otherwise leads me into how effective it truly is in the economy. The purpose of this paper will be to explain how my plans to manage a property and dealing with operating cost will react to me financially.

Rental property

In scenario number 1, I can move out of state or  upgrade to a larger property. I have chosen in this scenario to move into another state and retain the property. This decision is based on the light reading done in (investing in real estate (reference)) and (opportunities in commercial real estate). With the ideas of being able to find other wealth building acquisitions in different types I have decided to explore timeshares. This is my original plan for myself one that I had discussed in my own time. 

Yes, timeshares will be to me the most fundamental way to handle a large property instead of waiting for it to be sold. This idea has apparent flaws in my own opinion but who is to say that I would be able to either sell or lease a half a million dollar home. I wanted to do some research on the average cost of a timeshare. 

Information about timeshares

This can be similar to renting but can be much more profitable. The idea is to have a home and then rent that home for a minimum of 1 week a year. Depending on how many timeshares or clients, the owner of the timeshare could make a large sum. To better explain I will reference ( which says (1.) determine a sale price for the home; in this case the property that I viewed was in many ways over priced and only had 4 bedrooms. Being from a similar area I can personally say  the neighborhood was not that great but there was a park not far from it. (2.) Determine a maintenance fee that should be paid by the owners of the timeshares you will sell.

I wanted to look at this from an opposing angle. So, I then looked over (, this website offered insight on the types of timeshares and other associated costs. This in return bolsters the concept overall by giving in-depth information to what my clients may pay for. To elaborate I will list some of the information found on (, beginning with (1. week types) you can have a fixed week that allows for travel to a certain place on a specific date or a floating week. Floating weeks allow for travel that can vary based on how the owner can move based on their schedule.

Next, the season in which you travel. Then the location and finally the maintenance cost. With each of these figures and certain other varying aspects this can depict how much a timeshare will cost. 

Selling the home I mentioned before that selling a home that is costly may take time and the entire process can be long and does not come cheap. Looking at the money involved may determine how quickly you need the home sold or for how much. Selling this home to me is a bad idea or two reasons. (1.) the home is very costly and (2.) the time it will take on the market will cause loss especially if I do not stay there. ( says That the closing cost and potential cost to prepare the home for sale can add up. This includes staging the home and maintenance of the home as well as Marketing cost. A pricelly ordeal for something I may have overpaid for.

Renting the home Using I wanted to see how much rent would be fair. Not counting my own estimates that would have been extremely underpriced. I found the 1% rule that basically showed how I under valued the home. With the 1% rule a $500,000 dollar home may be rented at $5000. Much lower than the $1,024 dollars I guesstimated at.


The concept of the passive income and active income will be very important to note in this scenario. All of or most of the money is passive and changed forms many times. Using the excel spread sheet will reveal that like I believed the most lucrative way to make money off of this property now would not be to sell it but to lease it as a timeshare and give it a theme.

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