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The point of the home was for some in part security. The idea that I have something that I can rely on as long as the upkeep is met. Should be relaxing or comforting, with the inner knowledge of trying to establish a future. I can think of a time that a person may not feel that way, that is when the apartment is slummed. Who is responsible for such tragedies? Is is the responsibility of the broker or the agent to decide upon the upkeep of the piece of property. Like traversing. Is it fair to allow the agent or broker to enter the house at any time  and pretend that it is for  upkeep.

When ethics are involved when do consumers feel the need to draw upon themselves to describe a loss of trust. Doing my research I was pointed in the direction, of a poll done asking about the satisfactory performance of the jobs. Broker and /agent, almost half felt that the job was upheld in a preferable way. I can not say I always agree but that may be the difference between managing (landlord) real estate agent or broker.

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