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Ethical Considerations in Real Estate Investing 

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Ethical Considerations in Real Estate Investing 

Why should a person buy or rent a home? Or why should a person want to sell or provide the opportunity to rent or own housing? The ethical considerations involved in making such decisions, can be depicted from the understanding of the market and circumstances. As presented early on in chapter 1 of the textbook (reference) we can see that the term”Boom” leads to certain mentalities that do not necessarily mean profit. However the point of this paper is not to discuss the “Boom” theories of society but the ethical practices concerning housing and real estate brokers and agents.

Income sources for the real estate broker

In a post I used this week I discussed a company like Century 21, a real estate firm. The website I used mentions brokerage and rates of return for the agents that may provide the leasing details. On this website ( it explains that real estate brokers can earn a commission similar to that of an agent. The figures all depend on the brokerage that you work for. The lower rates make the firm more attractive to the agents  but higher rates make more off of the sales of the agents. The term they used was “ balancing act”, with this said at the brokering level a qualified professional may make $57,000 or up to $68,000. 

Income sources for the real estate agent 

According to ( The ranges can range from as they put it “modest” $40,000 to more than $1million. Which can seem absurd but I can say that money can be made and spent in a multiple of ways. I did very light reading on this website which provided a few bullet points on insight to what a typical real estate agent may experience when concerning income.  

One very important bullet point says that agents’ salaries are largely dependent upon commission. In my own opinion  “Commissions are one of the worst ways to make a payment”. I add that there may be a few stipulations about it that I do not know about but I feel that those payments leave the seller at a loss if the market does not cooperate with them in buying. It leads to questions of why or should those agents be viewed when integrity and business combine. Below I have a few examples of ethics for real estate brokers and agents.

Identify the potential dilemmas for real estate brokers Now the question remains that if the matter of income is related to not only job happiness but customer satisfaction can we all say that the ethical decision should relate to job performance? From my research I found a article that loosely relates to certain issues in terms of relationships of the broker and the client choice. With the schools ebsco host the (journal of real estate practice) says that the Toronto real estate board (TREB) will be a part of a bill that if passed will have brokers be fined and licenses suspended if they do not comply with regulations. 

This bill is said to be done to create a fair environment and make sure that the brokers are at a high level of performance. Also included in this by (TREB) they want to make sure that consumers’ choice is protected. 

The matter is this, I posted in class about the choices and prices when considering fair housing. With a bill such as this passing inToronto, has the concern been that some brokers would have done anything to move or lease a property? In my limited experience I myself have been a victim of unfair housing. A victim that at many times did not know my own rights as a renter. I feel that even with the pamphlets that they at times give renters these do very little to protect a client and even at times do more to suppress them. 

With the broker being held to higher standards in regards to consumer choice I can only hope that this will have a greater effect on the overall market.

Ethics with the real estate agent My last paragraph covered the consumers’ choice and standards in terms of brokering real estate and in this excerpt I want to discuss the terms of how consumers may have felt with their agents. Using  ebsco host it says that according to ( the journal of real estate practice and education) “The national association of realtors” has given the real estate agent a 11th placed ranking of 21 jobs surveyed. This is after polling them based on the integrity of the job.

Contrary to things that I have posted about my own concerns, the polls revealed that of 900 people surveyed 46% felt that the real estate agent had “preferable opinions”. This I guess says that they felt the needs or concerns with the property were met. Does this coincide with my belief? Not exactly, but it does show that at times questions of how the job is handled are questioned. 

So, in my opinion the ethics are required of the job and does at time effect consumers choice. The pay in this circumstance was not the case, especially if almost half the people surveyed at the time felt that the real estate agent was preferable. 


The slight differences in real estate brokers and agents are very minute. The types of pay are different but so are those between a manager and a regular crew member. Do these coincide with job performance and ethics possibly, this does not however, point out some of the bigger concerns that may exist in the field. It only shows that at times there may have been questions.

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