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The Stock Market and economy summary

David Vaughn

Finance 571

James Traylor


The Stock Market and economy summary

            The first financial institution that I chose is Merrill & Lynch I chose this company not just because of my interest in finance but in part me wanting to work for a company similar to it. Merrill & lynch is an investment firm that provides financial advice and offers support on wealth management. As investment firm Merrill & Lynch can also provide information on how to begin a 401 or savings plan for retirement.

            Merrill & Lynch effects the economy by providing what may be considered by some secure financial support and advice. (Understanding You, 2020)

Charles Schaub

            Charles Schaub is similar to Merrill & Lynch but has very notable and key differences. Merrill & Lynch is a Bank of America company and provides financial advice. Charles Schaub is a investment firm that allows you to not only receive advice but provides a format to purchase stock. Charles Schaub offers many of the same services that another wealth management company may have but with those services Charles Schaub can offer banking and borrowing services. So, Charles Schaub is very well fitted to this economy because of not just the ease of which it can be accessed but the many services it can provide.

            Charles Schaub can effect the economy by providing easy to access information and financial services that can be very broad. Giving many of the same services but offers a formatted way to buy, sale, and trade stock. (What we offer, 2020)


            This first statement is quoted directly from the introduction on the about page. “ The mission of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation “ (What we do, 2020). The description can be better described by visiting the website. Here in this paper I can provide a brief description of how the SEC is a part of the government sanctities that help financial institutions and markets.

              The SEC can provide and disclose important financial information for companies. By not just providing funding to companies they also govern the financial markets where stock exchanges take place. By giving secure and accurate information the SEC (securities exchange commission) allows for fair business practices. (What we do, 2020)

              Morgan Stanley is a company that was founded in 1935 and from this portion of the website it says it has maintained itself by using five core concepts. Morgan Stanley is a leader in dealing with and managing capital. Handling the fixed income market and wealth management, while also being involved in the secondary market or trades.

Morgan Stanley also provides information about other companies (research) making them a valuable source of marketing and finance news. Morgan Stanley deals with investment management for private and credit equity. (what we do, 2020)


This is a very, wide, broad, and diverse market. When asked to find different financial institutions and markets it seemed that the choice all became very similar. This is odd because of the vastness of the market and its overall tone of diversification. During this study I feel that the market may be easier to identify at times. This will effect my job performance if I can use the available resources at the time when called upon.

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