New Years 2020

I spent some time going over my wardrobe and although it is far from mediocre it is less than I would say is much. Based on my living standards I stopped accumulating clothes and shoes. I have plans on buying some these next coming seasons especially if I get the space to add to my collection of shoes. Having said that I decided to keep it simple this holiday. Reason being this and do not be afraid to take notes.

I am going to a New Years party/comedy show there will be food and liquor and I have plans on consuming my share. While I am not spending as much as I have on past drinking binges I will be spending some. The goal is to have the least bit of vomit and liquor on my wardrobe as possible. So I chose a regular outfit that is decent to wear. Fossil jeans and a button up, I do not plan on losing my jeans and the risk is there. Enough to keep me on my toes and relaxed enough that I won’t be to timid. rules

  1. Do not drive drunk
  2. Do not text and drive, a peeve that grew and irritated me.
  3. Have fun
  4. Dress light

one or two of these will work for most people and the others are common sense.

Can you think of something to toss on the list? If so send it out and watch how it comes back.

F&%$ the other side and Happy Hanukkah

I am drinking to Loyalty

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