Wednesday the other day for game quest but if today is the other day then you would assume that Monday would be game quest (original). Would it also be safe to say that yes I David Vaughn is or am the creator of game quest on Monday. but or if that is the day you prefer the game quest to be on what would any other day be if it was not game quest. Like could it be fishy Monday or Wild Wild west Tuesday or why is it WILD WILD west and not just West or WILD or what if it was the completely ordinary and sane west side of the country but in today’s time might or might not be on Game quest Monday or Wednesday 1 12 2022

Popular sources like ( was the example given in the library reference video. With many times over having me complete my papers with out giving much thought to how I wanted the material used represented. I can say that I could at least use a regular source and not a wiki. Now a few years in and I have still with in my recent memory not gone to a wiki site for any papers. That is if you do not include any video game type of topic.

With that having been said The point of a peer reviewed paper or article is to have a credible source for information What is a peer-reviewed journal? (02:02). I feel that the articles that I find however, are not all that interesting despite what ever the topic is. Which includes the times that I feel that the citations could be considered dubious. I think over the times that with this University and my prior al a mata that my sources would disappear from existence and I would have to search on the same topic again. This would happen only for me to then again find the first paper that I had cited.

The point is that through correct study and understanding the credible sources lend credence to the topics being discussed. The Author sounds I would say more reasonable than would a wiki because the information had been looked over by someone who is considered an expert int the field. This opposed to a Wiki where many uncredited people may post information.

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