Finance 580 post 6 10 2021

The topics of trading and currency and what are the differences between the assurity of the stock market and companies. Examples are the diversification between handling a corporate bond and dealing with owning shares from a company. Then dealing with the trading of currency and knowing the values or unique qualities of all three. Should we feel comfortable with the idea of owning shares knowing that common stock is more reliable? Or is it fair to assume that the continuity of government bonds are more profitable and reliable than most investment sources.

        So, I find that knowing the inherent risk in trading currency interesting. I think about the trading of coin or that yields will effect what some of the countries may find reasonable in trade or exchange rates useful.

        Secondly the idea that the U.S coin is the most stable of countries is highly debateable to myself and others who watch the capital of the many businesses that might look to consume much of the assets of the country. Should we be concerned, I say “yes”.

        Finally of course the ************ will always be the most useful of any of the topics. Enough so that I do not feel comfortable telling others about them.

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