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Week 1: Ethical issues in Marketing

David Vaughn

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Week 1: Ethical issues in Marketing

            Understanding the sociocultural / demographics in marketing (reference), those that effect the legal and corporate ethics of the societies in which the organizations are placed. Is the key to only search for capital, for a company to make money is that part of it? It is clear to do so in a unethical manner is not a legal and fair practice. The purpose of this paper is to discuss those business factors that motivate and govern corporations decisions. That not only deal with socioeconomic factors but political and legal as well.

Distinguishing from social responsibility, legal, and ethical and the effects on marketing

            “Charles E Phillips (1939) entitled, “Some Theoretical Considerations Regarding Fair Trade Laws.” Most academic publishing in the 1950s focused on issues such as fair trade, antitrust, advertising and pricing. Marketing ethics examines systematically marketing and marketing morality” (Parilti N, 2014 Accessed October 11, 2020. ). The choice between making a dollar or cheating a customer by selling a product based on some negative quality.

            To do so is an unlawful act which is why companies try to uphold for them-selves a code of conduct or that they practice a CSR (corporate social responsibility). “Corporate social responsibility is related to the social contract between business and the society” (Parilti N, 2014 Accessed October 11, 2020. ). Is this enough for a company to be able to discern that an act may be considered illegal based on not just the pricing of an item but the condition of sold items? CSR is the combination of all the macro economic factors that effect marketing. If companies follow a CSR it will blend all of the necessary issues to try and maintain a working relationship between itself and society. So by using this “guideline” a company may be able to work and govern itself within certain cultures.

Triple Bottom Line

            People, Planet, and Price this what is known as the triple bottom line. If you were to think about how many times that these words have made a connection, would they always be with sustainability? I think about a company that I have recently shopped with. As I think about it I feel that most companies practice a “somewhat” circumstantial sustainable outfit. As well as the one I just visited. This means in my opinion that I am not satisfied but most do enough to avoid what penalties they may incur. Yes, they are sustainable but only just as much as society says. I think it is a superficial effort. People want to shop in clean places, the money the company makes sometimes is used to clean up the planet. This is the cycle.


            Many people will feel that the planet and the market will have to meet at some circumstance. The chances that a company will take to make money can at times seem predatory. More often than not however the “superficial” nature of most of society will make sure that we are well informed of “some” of our rights when dealing with large corporations. We can take a look at most of their consumer guides and realize that a lot of the times they may be well within that “superficial” frame of mind safe, fair, affordable, and sustainable. There are rare occurrences that I have experienced that caused for some type of action. Sustainability Vs. Emasculation


Parilti N, K. D. ( 2014 Accessed October 11, 2020. ). Ethical Issues in Marketing: An Application for Understanding Ethical Decision Making. Marmara University Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences. , 36(2):275-298.

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