Federal cuts, stock prices and home

Initially the idea of federal cuts seem bad or wrong and without looking it up I feel that it changes the value of what is their. The federal cuts or imposition may be how the demand and supply curve is effected or changed. My limited experience may not let me go into detail but, I think that the prices may increase in other available stocks. Maybe to stop undercutting? Which is part of competition but can be harmful at times. This only shows that the fluctuating market can be dependent upon to (change).

This change while not always favorable should not cause for every household to panic.

I would look for blank at a time like this to effect my prices instead of trying to be the main figure and this may cause the saving and or trading trend that I predict.

The industrial average may not be the best indicator right now. The consumer job market is what some of us may look to. This will be an indicator for how prices will be effected. Some changes are inevitable.

Check the trends in Market Watch https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/uber?mod=mw_theo_homepage

As a non supporter of the conglomerate that is uber I decided to use this as a starter for those that enjoy looking over stuff.

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