Tariffs are apart of trade, ok.

As the markets tank over the U.S. trade war with China, Investopedia’s Caleb Silver joins Ali Velshi to explain how it will hit your wallet.May 13, 2019

This is based on a report from msnbc. I find that I have contrasted feelings that are hard to articulate. So, from here and until I feel different I will argue the point of tariffs being a necessity.

The difficult task of explaining that the U.S must see how money expands. Which is apart of seeing the expansion of other markets that exist. This exist as competition. The order in how we trade may not necessarily be based on who has most in this case.

This deal should be done based on what we want to see as “fair trade”. So when it comes time for the U.S to do the same it must be accepted and understood.

China may cope and so will the U.S

I say this as a supporter of Trump and China.

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