The frightening idea of people not having to think anymore. Included with the ever creeping thoughts of blatant bad spelling brings my mind to a screeching terrifying halt. I wonder how long my spelling will be better than my 9 and 7 year old nephews. Who really may internally argue the pronunciation of potatoes and may still contemplate rather a tomato is the same thing.

This is one of the ideas that I plan on working on over time. The breath taking effect of being plagerized. I did not want to get far out of what I did when it came to writing. So I want to not over do using other people’s post.

Thus, plagiarizing will be a story I do from time to time.

Thanks to my families kids.

I am not a father.

Little girl included. Stay out of the way you all. You may know when to speak, be safe.

They are all smart kids.


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