My time and spent

I fussed about having my time wasted and felt the anger of not being able to describe my frustrstion. I Can feel the anger of wanting to hurt or hit, but what I have not felt is the perverted way you may feel when you constantly hurt others. To find sick things that create perversions on life and the odd way you hide in shame only to still feel that you are at odds with the world. You made a mistake because I still may get the satisfaction of “thud” or”smack” or “pow”. You however will take much more to get there. Do not let me stop your descent.

Published by David Vaughn

I am finished with my Graduate degree now I am hoping to enter into Doctoral college this fall now after starting and restarting transferring then starting again, but now unsure of my funds. I am in College now for my Phd and doing ok. This was my first website and now I have a radio station connected to it. The radio station is fanbaseradio and is apart of another website I now own. I am hoping to continue to grow my network and develop a marketing firm. kewlbeer'd marketing affiliate of fanbase.

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