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Using the sales percentage

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Using the sales percentage

            As a teen when I got my first job I did not save my cash. I would use all of it to buy clothes. It was funny because prior to that I did not have the strongest background in math. Around the time I started working I began to develop what is now one of my strong suits. My aunt taught me the percentages of how the clothing prices worked. I shopped at marshalls and would sometimes catch a sell. I asked once how the sales worked or if they applied it when I would buy clothes. The explanation was simple it was a percentage of the total dollar spent. $100 dollars on a 15% percent sale would be like taking 15 cent from every dollar spent. 100 * .15= then multiply the .90 sum by the $100 my math here is not completely correct but the point is it $90 spent instead of $100.


            That was one of my earlier experiences when trying to figure out how to spend money. This was around twenty years ago. I am happy to say that I am better at math now than I was then. I also hope to see more of these types of applications in my life.

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