Mandriscoes fantasy a part

Panic setting in and distrust of anything within the next forty or so feet. My mind is racing, and I may have been the one to set the flag on fire. I am only in the public library and I can see that asking any questions will get me no answer. The most I can see now is that my time is limited with the guest password and not seeing any options makes me want to end my session early. My time on the computer is done and I have come very near to wetting myself but not because of fear but because of holding the bathroom so that I can get my work done. When I get up to leave the relief my bladder feels is satisfying and after all these years I know that as soon as I enter the mens room I will be overwhelmed with the urge to piss my pants. “Why is that?” I wonder. “Why is what?” a stranger responds, mistakenly I have spoken out loud and am in too much of a hurry to find a way to ignore whoever it was that spoke to me. I let the bathroom do the talking and after a small bout of sanitizing myself I head out into the winter air. I thankfully did not pee on myself and must think of my next task. My creeping irritation sets in and I wonder when will my relief come. I do not enjoy conversation with others but I prefer to not have to spend time near whoever it is that does whatever it is that annoys me. I settle for my Mp3 player, the noise around me turns into songs that are familiar. The familiar sounds of music are blended in with the curses from whichever demon is following me. I do not carefully plan my steps but I let the air carry me into a direction. I think it is more like momentum, I can feel the sway of emotion which tells me the direction I should follow. I am used to being able to sense them and know that too much witchcraft is at play for me to rely on my senses. I head in the direction of home.

I think that I have never had my body snatched before. When I think what it may feel like I do not feel sorry for those that are unaware of this “phenomenon” I never have left my body, and I focus on this thought hard enough that this will not become a chant. I think of what my relief may bring me, and it sounds like normal conversation with a woman. I do not care to let others into my battle and I feel that the competition may feel the same.

 My muscles feel slightly tense and I think about how good my health could be. Could be as in that I am irritated about my passwords, I do not like where my mind drifts to and I keep muttering out loud more than I would usually. My health may not be as much of a concern for a body snatcher. I figured that whoever snatches my body may not be the lucky one. My new worry has become my routines, women, and passwords. I do not really care for witchcraft at least not until I can figure out where google has sent my life. Thousands of times have I created the same password and thousands of time have I forgotten it. I think that whoever does it (body snatches) will probably be the same person who steals my passwords.

My walk is almost near completion and I may go out tonight so that I can at least see a women. I feel that the body snatchers can wait or they can join me for a drink. +

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