Writers block

My website will still be centered on marketing and I do plan on it being multi-faceted but I wanted to share a story. I already introduced Mandrisco’s Fantasy which are short stories that I write and I also wanted to add that I enjoy photography. So look forward to me adding pictures as the website grows. To the point is that as I grow the website and add contributors and network I will be displaying myself some, so I am taking the risk of doing some other stuff like reviews and story writing. Hopefully the business world will take notice of this. In conclusion every short story or work I do may not be Mandrisco’s fantasy which may at some point change in title for all good reasons. I almost do not want to share this. I may do some horror stuff along with sports and many other topics. Kewlbeer’d wants to be many things as well as well rounded. When the market gets a hold of this it may be good for them.


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just getting started.

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