Mandrisco continues

Not knowing the difference between a healthy relationship is not where this started. My ideas of healthy relationships however limited dd not involve this. I mean if I were to do this it may be similar and not as aggressive and probably not as successful. Yes I agree with myself that this is not my idea of healthy relationships.

            My frustrations grow more and more until I feel that I am becoming the person who may or may not be dangerous. I become even more annoyed that some of my “enemies” are either children or senior citizens. My anger with them boils to the point were some of them may enter into a stage of Mortal Kombat. I wait stand to the side and try to let the anger pass over me in unhealthy waves. Some people are visibly shaken or not by my sudden outburst of “Please do not F**** touch me”. Some even look satisfied as a fall for one of their superior attempts at frustrating me. With angry thoughts I walk away. No I am completely positive this is not health relationships.

            My day of listening and being annoyed are long and arduous. I do admit I want to do this and I admit I may not have it any other way. The smooth feel of hatred and rightful justice and a sneer of vengence. Makes almost all of me explicit,and for those of those of those that are of those that may see what I write may find that I have forgotten how to spell some. This is a point that I am sure is some type of plot to topple me. I remember words being shorter but I may have been in elementary. I also remember them being easier to spell. Now as a Man I seem to struggle with words like “giraffe” and as you can see above I may have misspelled vengeance but that is not the point. My spelling and blackmagic and lang=-auages, and Math. All of which have compromised my life. Or my life has composed of any way I wanted to become familiar with people and my outlet that people will bully me on and trey to steal. I prefer myself to most others anyway. So doing this in this platform will be no different. I plan on being largely ignored and somewhat excited about what I think people know. I also hope to miss out on many opportunities which is almost never the reason any one does anything and that is how I can surmise that this is a unhealth relationship.

Who Am I.

Published by David Vaughn

I am finished with my Graduate degree now I am hoping to enter into Doctoral college this fall now after starting and restarting transferring then starting again, but now unsure of my funds. I am in College now for my Phd and doing ok. This was my first website and now I have a radio station connected to it. The radio station is fanbaseradio and is apart of another website I now own. I am hoping to continue to grow my network and develop a marketing firm. kewlbeer'd marketing affiliate of fanbase.

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