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Link and some photos

https://twitch.tv/davidleejr09 Follow the link from https://kewlbeerd.com/ Look at the website and send some comments you can check out the stream using this link https://twitch.tv/davidleejr09 Trying this link may lead to Amazon photos try this https://www.amazon.com/photos/groups/share/_M3c_0P_T5yUK-hviV9-Mw.mgriwsmnOgVwdYNPEGAOWd?i=t



I said during a S stream that it was Merrill & lynch that made a bad deal for a large merger. It may have been Hewit Packard. The point of the conversation was not to ba d mouth any company but to say that tech companies and deals exist and may not always go well … Continue reading Acquisitions


My time and effort says that is what I am worth. I look at how many views that I had and should be afraid. Closing in on almost 1,000 views and I have accumulated all of .09 cent. That astounding number is terrifying for two reasons. The number of people who may have visited or … Continue reading .09

Appreciate the small things

What does this mean? Being in a position to see some of what you have may instill a hunger in you. Do not let yourself fade to quick. I have few of these symbols, and have to await further instruction. I would prefer to be a better leader to people who can understand the message. … Continue reading Appreciate the small things


I noticed that in your tantrums you continue to misspell the name of the country. It is Isreal, the name of the country you commit sacrilege by my spelling it. The name is Isreal, I also see that others are willing to follow you. It is sad because you will not correct this. Please do … Continue reading Isreal

Mandriscoe and the lighter?

Picking myself up off the ground after a shotgun blast to the gut, may have been the easiest part. The bewilderment of being blasted in my bladder and not being able to breath only added notches to the other side. That is two in their favor, score being Mandriscoe 2 & Me Three. I pulled … Continue reading Mandriscoe and the lighter?

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